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I april gick Dinh Phong Nguyen sensationellt och vann Svenska Aeropressmästerskapen. Dinh är okänd för i stort sett hela kaffe-Sverige och har aldrig jobbat i bar eller knappt ens bryggt kaffe själv tidigare. Jag tänkte att det kunde var kul att ta reda på lite mer om vår svenska aeropressmästare så varsågoda: fem frågor!

1. Who is Dinh Phong Nguyen?
A newborn coffee enthusiast (haha)? I’m a 22y.o French medical student, living in Paris and studying there. I came this this year to Stockholm thanks to the Erasmus programme, which allowed me to experience Karolinska Institutet for ten months. At least that was the initial focus of the year; before I discovered specialty coffee and bought my Aeropress.

2. Congrats on the Aeropress championship win! Have you grasped yet that you won?
Thanks! Well, it’s been a month (already!), so I think by now I have anchored this fact into my mind, but I admit I had some trouble believing it for a little while.

3. Which method did you use?
It’s pretty straight forward and simple. Inverted Aeropress, 15g of coffee, medium/coarse grind on the Hario Mini Mill, and 200mL of 82°C water. Let the mixture steep for about 50s, and press for 30s.

4. How did you come up with it and what made you stick to it?
I did some homework and tried a couple of methods I read here and there on the Internet. Then little by little, I adjusted the parameters to fit my taste. Actually, more than choosing one method among others after testing them, I’d say it was just refining the same from the beginning. To tell you the truth, the main reason I stuck to this was purely practical; as a (poor) student, I didn’t want to ”waste” precious coffee trying lots of stuff, so I just kept doing the same as long as I enjoyed my morning cup.

5. Will you change anything (except for the moded scales) for WAC?
Now that it’s gotten a wee bit more serious, I’m putting in a little more time trying out different tweakings. But I guess it’s going to be pretty similar in the end, as I always end up returning to my ”original” method. My take on it might be a little simplistic, but here is it; if it worked on the Swedish scene, which is a nest for amazing baristi, why wouldn’t it work at the world level?

24e maj håller vi alla tummar och tår för Dinh när han tävlar i Melbourne och hejja gärna på honom på hans twitter eller instagram!

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